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Prada is actually stuck in "quality problems"

#1 von hotnewsaa , 01.01.2019 13:06

The beggars were all injured by Replica Discount Prada Handbags. The consumer complained that this was not the first time that the Prada bag was approved. On July 11, 2011, the editor of a famous magazine also published the same testimony: I seldom lick the brand, because to a certain extent, I am arrogant, it means that my work magazine has smashed you, you are an advertiser, the box bought half a month ago, the zipper is inferior in the moment before going to the airport today, the box Yes, you are not a box, you are Prada! Then I am not an editor today, I am a consumer who spends money to buy things..." This indignation editor not only approves Prada in the text. The quality is not enough, but in the picture, a box full of "bandages" and scarred boxes was obtained, and nearly 3,000 person-times of the comments were forwarded.

Prada's poor quality problem has always existed, netizens said that they spent a large amount of money to buy a quality but hard package filled with resentment. Two Sydney netizens complained that they bought a Prada handbag before Christmas last year. After careful observation, they found that the thread was rough and not like the high-end atmosphere. What made him even more desperate was that the chain was still leaking on the side of the bag - cotton wool, low feelings faintly rushing. The netizen also said that this is the Sydney flagship store to buy, there will be no fake, but why the quality is so heart-wrenching.

Extended reading: luxury brands are stuck in quality doors, fakes are better than real goods.Fake Cheap Burberry Bag will disclose suppliers' chemical emissions. After issuing a statement denying that their brands contain toxic substances, Burberry said in the latest statement that it will closely contact related industries. Companies, suppliers, brands, to eliminate emissions of hazardous chemicals, and call this part of their long-term plan.

Luxury goods are expensive in addition to their own quality, as well as its after-sales service, but GUCCI magic is magical, from product quality to after-sales service, even factories, etc., have been spit. Before the media had done a special summary of GUCCI's "four sins", it was almost spared from product quality to after-sales service. There have been netizens complaining that Replica Gucci Handbags can't do zipper heads. Gucci's bags are also quite good in quality. The first time they use the zipper head to fall down, the second zipper head also falls. Luxury quality is often just a hard value for money is a fairy tale.

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