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Are you like most other people who love the idea of a cat box that you never have to clean out but worried that it can’t possibly be that easy? No one really enjoys dealing with cat litter Yadier Molina World Baseball Classic Jersey , as this is a daily chore when you have a cat, and it’s not only messy but it can create an unpleasant odor that permeates your home. CatGenie is an ingenious alternative that’s basically a toilet for cats, and once you set it up there’s not much else to worry about. This article is packed full of the pros and cons of the CatGenie system for those who may be considering making the change.

Stinky Cat litter is a thing of the past with the CatGenie system, we thought you’d like that benefit the most. Replace that nasty litter with the CatGenie’s innovative washable granules. The granules never have to be discarded or replaced since they are formulated to be continuously washed and dried repeatedly. This makes them not only neater and more sanitary Seth Lugo World Baseball Classic Jersey , but green friendly, as there’s no litter to have to dump anywhere. One other benefit you might like is the fact that you no longer have need of cat litter. There is a cartridge that needs to be replaced every 120 washes however.

CatGenie is a safe and healthy alternative to cat litter, and quite a few veterinarians like it for this reason. Cats can develop various health problems as a result of the unsanitary environment of a litter box, whereas CatGenie gets rid of waste products automatically. Clumping cat litter is sometimes ingested by cats and can be dangerous Hector Santiago World Baseball Classic Jersey , as it contains various chemicals that give it its clumping property. CatGenie, on the other hand, uses harmless Washable Granules. CatGenie is not only safer for cats, but it saves you from having to breathe in the germs contained in dirty litter boxes.

Many people are concerned with whether or not their cat will enjoy the CatGenie. Cats are Edwin Diaz World Baseball Classic Jersey , after all, famous for being stubborn and independent. The fact is, however, that after years of testing Joe Jimenez World Baseball Classic Jersey , the vast majority of cats will adapt to this product, though there may be a short adjustment period. Cats are, after all, very clean animals Joe Colon World Baseball Classic Jersey , and they will appreciate the tidiness of the CatGenie once they get used to it. Cats and kittens alike end up preferring it to a litter box. As you can see the Cat Genie is a great alternative to those stinky litter boxes. The initial cost has to be considered, but you have to measure this against the cost and trouble of buying cat litter all the time. The main advantage, however, is that you won’t have the smell of a litter box and the job of cleaning it out every day. We’ve covered some features of CatGenie that can help you decide if it’s something you want to introduce your cats to.

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