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The 2018 NFL Draft was one with a ton of talent

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Few weeks into the 2018 NFL season Zach Gentry Jersey , it seems like a good time to rate all the rookies of this past season. especially in the first round. A lot of the first rounders have looked really good early in the season, but time will tell how they continue to play the next few seasons.The players who are booming are those who have looked good when they play, or have played at a high level in the regular season. The busts are obviously those who have not looked good. It’s still early, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be how the players look throughout their career. But for those fans will little patience, may want to know how the first-round draft picks look a few weeks into the season.First rounders are crucial to a team's success. Getting productive players on cheap Joey Bosa Jersey , rookie contracts is key to an organization's success and if first round picks don't pan out, a team can stay in the basement for years. It’s really hard to tell how the future of a player will look when they’re coming out of college. College is a whole different ball game. Some of these players play in low level conferences, and then can’t handle the change of the game once they hit the NFL. Then on the other hand, some of them embrace the challenge and work hard to be successful professional football players.There’s still more than half of the season to go, so this is an early look at the rookies. It's obviously still early to tell who's a bust and who's going to be a star, or at least a solid NFL player. This is merely about the early impressions these rookies have given off. Other than the painfully awkward driver’s license photo Dwayne Haskins Jersey , where they make you stand on the white line and pose for what looks like some sort of repurposed Polaroid camera that adds an extra chin to every single person without discrimination, a mug shot is just about the most humiliating photo you'll ever take. It's that vulnerable, post-arrest snapshot documenting your recent criminal misdeeds after you’ve just broken the law and been tossed into the slammer.They’re unbecoming, to say the least, especially if the person getting arrested is a past or present pro football star who went from the highest of celebrity highs to the lowest of felonious lows with an embarrassing photo he knows is going to spread on the internet like wildfire about six seconds after he’s been booked and fingerprinted into the system.And it’s an all-too-common occurrence. NFL players have a bad habit of getting themselves into trouble with a long rap sheet of arrests for everything from theft and drug abuse to drunk driving and even murder. It’s not a good look on the players, and it’s not a good look on the league.Since 2010 Ed Oliver Jersey , there have been no fewer than 340 arrests of NFL players – and those are just the active ones. That’s a whole lot of opportunity for some pretty crazy mugshots – and trust me, there are more than handful that are crazier than your average village drunk’s.So here are 15 NFL mug shots that you’ve just GOT to see to believe.

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