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And although, much of the Browns recent history

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For Clevelanders Andy Isabella Jersey , Draft Day is one of the best days of the year. So much so, in 2014 Kevin Kostner starred in a movie devoted to the Cleveland Browns and their each year continue to cherish the day and anxiously await its arrival.And after each failed season, much like the 2016 Johnathan Abram Jersey , 1-15, Cleveland Browns, the fans are left hopeful that the front office will get that change-everything player who will bring Cleveland's beloved Browns back into relevancy.To try and help ease the past, here are the last 15 picks and some of their successes. But unfortunately for the Browns faithful, much more of Cleveland’s decisions were failures. And the Browns history of lackluster seasons could have been drastically avoided if they picked these guys instead.That takes us all the way back to the 2004 draft. You might notice that leaves just 12 years of first-round picks. Well , the Browns drafted two first rounders in four drafts since 2007. In 2008, the Browns did not have a first-round pick as it was traded in 2007. With the season rapidly approaching, we are smart to remind ourselves that talent on the football fields every Sunday is not solely relegated to the action and players on the field. Not at all. In fact, some of the best talent to be witnessed is beaming to us from the sidelines in often well-organized teams of beautiful, lovely Maxx Crosby Jersey , electric and gifted women that cheer on our teams on game day. Their magic happens outside the lines and between the whistles.Their formations are simple yet their choreography is more graceful than a Lynn Swann falling Super Bowl catch. They are gathered in groups along each of the four sides of our stadiums and give us something wonderful to witness during often long, annoying and plentiful TV time outs. They are a beacon of light to any live attendee should they be so inclined to avert their eyes from friends, family, copious advertisements or any other largely unworthy distraction garnering for their attention.I speak, of course , of NFL cheerleaders. These fantastic women put it out all on the line for us each and every game day, giving us hours of entertainment under often difficult conditions like rain, sleet, snow and oppressive September heat waves. Their outfits often fail to cover most of their bodies and yet these real American heroes cheer out their hearts for our teams in between plays and solemnly stand in allegiance and rapt attention during gameplay in the hopes our teams will produce an advantageous outcome on this and every possession.Here are our votes for the top 15 NFL cheerleading squads. May they grace us with fluttering skirts, glowing smiles and shimmering pom-poms throughout this upcoming season.

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